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The facts About Automotive Maintenance Shops

February 17, 2012 | Author: Louishall34 | Posted in Video Conferencing

Let’s face it – entrepreneurs only start a business for one reason – to produce money. Why would someone examine all the expense, chance, and pain of starting an organisation if there wasn’t hope of significant reward? I’m not saying that we are all money hungry or greedy, but I am saying that the business is there to produce money.

An automotive service shop can be a business. In order to maintain running, they need to produce money. Most shops hire a salesman, also known being a service writer whose major duties include writing up customers, communicating between the shopper and the mechanic, some even inspect vehicles with the technicians, and most importantly, selling service to make certain company profitability. Like worth it salesman should, they will befriend you and propose services to “help” you out.

Here’s what a lot of people don’t know about service advisors – they are paid in commissions. Like any other salesman, the more these people sell, the more they receive cash. Thankfully there are a great deal of good people out there who truly might like to do you right and maintain your business. However, for every honest vehicle service representative that’s out there today, there are 9 more that only attend to their paycheck.

The Oughout. S. Economy has seen better days. Unfortunately, since money becomes scarce, more people will result to any means to make a buck. Look in the rise in scams happening today. A prime example may be the lottery scams where you receive an e-mail or mobile call saying you have received a large n amount of money, but you must send money first to receive your fake “winnings”. Or the latest “loan scam” where a corporation says they can financial loan you around $5, 000 with bad or no consumer credit, but you must pay the first few payments up top.

The BBB (Bbb) was developed to safeguard consumers from businesses that contain repeatedly done customers drastically wrong. Also, some states which include California took it some sort of step further and produced the BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair), to safeguard consumers from shady stores. Unfortunately, these services usually just catch the worst with the worst, and a number of shops still get separate with bad business.

So what can you do to safeguard yourself? Find a shop you are familiar with or that has a good rapport with their clients. Even though it may be time-consuming, shop around for pricing to keep them honest. Research and developed a service plan that suites your requirements. Lastly, always get second and even third-party opinions, even when it comes to that mechanic you have known for many years. Or if you would like a professional to protect you in regards to maintaining and repairing your car or truck, seek out a company like Auto Service Security. Spending a little extra time, may save you big money and hassle.

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