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10 Popular TV Shows on Netflix Right Now


Are you looking for an up-to-date list of the top 10 most popular TV shows currently streaming on Netflix? We’ve got you covered! The streaming giant has launched a trending list to reveal the Top 10 picks streaming on the platform every day, but it can be difficult to find the list without digging around.

We’re here to help streamline that process by giving you all of the latest must-watch titles in one easy glance.
This week’s Top 10 features a mix of old favorites alongside newcomers, with teen treasure hunters, a mother/daughter drama, Joe Goldberg’s return, and more. Below is the Top 10 list as it stands today –

10. Outer Banks

Season 3 of Outer Banks sees the Pogues washing ashore on a desert island and dubbing their temporary dwelling “Poguelandia”. At first, the idyllic island is a welcomed respite from their search for gold, but when the treasure hunt resumes and their rivals Rafe and Ward seek revenge, the Pogues must run for their lives to make it off the island.

9. Ginny & Georgia

In this new season, Ginny must come to terms with the fact that her mother Georgia is a murderer. This delightful show follows Georgia as she plans a wedding while trying to ensure the past stays buried as she and Ginny deal with trust issues and the consequences of her deadly deed.

8. The Law According To Lidia Poët

This historical drama series is inspired by the true story of Italy’s first female lawyer. Set in late 1800s Turin, it follows penniless Lidia Poët as she pursues her dream of practicing law and works to overturn the Court of Appeals ruling that prevented her from doing so simply because she is a woman.

7. Physical – 100

Fans of intense physical competitions will enjoy this new reality show where 100 fit contestants battle it out to determine who has the ultimate physique.

6. Red Rose

This suspenseful teen drama sees a ragtag group of teens facing terror when they download a mysterious app that has deadly consequences if their demands are not met.

5. The Upshaws

Starring Mike Epps, The Upshaws follows Bennie Upshaw, the head of a Black working class family in Indianapolis, as he does his best to step up and care for his wife Regina and their two young daughters.

4. New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam follows the daily struggles of a team of medical professionals attempting to balance their work with their private lives.

3. Perfect Match

Season 2 of Perfect Match follows the unlikely duo of Alex, a rich business man and Jazmin, a single mom, as they join forces to investigate the mysterious case of Jazmin’s missing brother.

2. Full Swing

This captivating docuseries takes viewers through a riveting and inspiring journey with an unlikely group of golfers who are determined to make golfing history.

1. You

Joe Goldberg, the classic stalker-type character, is back in season 4 of You. Now living in Los Angeles and forced to use an alias to hide his true identity due to his criminal past, Joe must navigate new challenges, enemies, and secrets as he continues on his quest for love. Part 2 of You is set to drop next month!
Don’t miss out on all the excitement and check out the current Top 10 picks available on Netflix now.

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