CrosswordBadger for payment crossword clue

Badger for payment crossword clue


Are you looking for the answer to the “badger for payment crossword clue”? Look no further as we have the solution for you!

Crosswords are a popular pastime that can challenge and entertain people of all ages. They require knowledge of words, their meanings, and their spelling. However, sometimes, the clues can be difficult to decipher, leaving you stuck and frustrated.

In this case, the clue “badger for payment” may seem confusing, but the answer is actually quite simple. The answer to this crossword clue is “dun.” In this context, “dun” means to repeatedly ask someone for payment until they pay up, much like how a badger would pester its prey until it gives in.

In conclusion, we hope that this solution helps you complete your crossword puzzle and provides a little bit of fun and entertainment to your day. Keep on puzzling!

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