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Our team at The Genius Blog is made up of passionate, knowledgeable individuals who are dedicated to spreading knowledge and empowering individuals to think critically and creatively. We believe that everyone has the potential to be a genius in their own right, and our goal is to help individuals tap into that potential.

Meet our talented writers

Jackson Brown

Jackson Brown: Hi, I’m Jackson, a science writer and researcher at The Genius Blog. I have a PhD in biology and a passion for communicating the latest breakthroughs in the field in a way that everyone can understand. Whether I’m writing about the human body, the latest developments in genetic engineering, or the secrets of the natural world, I’m always eager to share my knowledge and inspire others to learn more.

Dylan Miller

Hello, I’m Dylan, a technology writer and innovator at The Genius Blog. I have a background in computer engineering and a fascination with the future of technology and its impact on society. I’m constantly exploring new developments in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and cybersecurity, and I love sharing my insights and predictions with our readers. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or simply curious about the future, I’m here to help you stay informed and inspired.